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Jessica- Sarasota, FL

"When I came across Valerie for the first time it was through one of her IGTV (Instagram videos). I knew instantly that I resonated with her energy and felt validated that this was Divinely timed. Trusting my intuition, I reached out and soon realized that we were connected through a mutual friend. We began exchanging energies and I just had to know more. I had an energy session with Valerie and it was unlike anything I have ever experienced before, and I have been around the spiritual community for some time now. She was able to go through my physical being and point out the exact location I was feeling "off". I was shocked when she emailed me what she experienced. I trusted her guidance and followed her instructions over the next week. I was so taken back by the experience and results of it all that I gifted her services to a dear friend of mine. I feel grateful that I can now call her a friend and love to share all the validation I receive just being connected to her."

Lindsay- Sarasota, FL

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Sarah- Lake Tahoe, CA

"Valerie offered such an incredibly insightful and inspiring reading. I was blown away by her intuitive knowing and understanding of many facets of my life. She was so warm and receptive. I felt like she managed to really get to the core of what was going on in my body/mind/spirit. I had such a positive experience and highly recommend her services to anyone in search of a healing session."

Julie- United Kingdom

Yesterday I finally had the time (& the courage!) to review our first long session. I took lots of notes! I saw things differently (& more positively) than I remembered them, and became aware of quite how much helpful and loving information was imparted. I felt better and more inspired as a result of this review. AND so grateful for your love & support. Thank you Valerie from my heart to yours."