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Get the results you want from clearing trauma, belief systems and pain from the body.

As a Radiant Warrior on this beautiful planet, we all need assistance with deeper levels of healing. We are surrounded by toxic chemicals, toxic people, water, food, and negative thoughts everyday. In addition to environmental toxins, I personally believe that most disease and pain in the body is caused from stuck emotions, past traumas, negative belief systems, and imbalances that we have not released from the bodymind complex. Some experiences that we hold onto are not always ours, they have been passed down to us as epigenetics would further explain that our experiences influence our DNA. The term dis-ease is explaining this exact reasoning, the body is at “dis” “ease.”. In my healing sessions I use many different techniques to tap into the body for an overall idea of what is priority to heal for the specific intention that you are wanting addressed. I use a combination of energy work, Emotional Freedom Technique (EFT), Bodytalk protocols, deep breathing,  intuitive guidance which leads me into the body to “see” where there is a blockage or disruption in the natural flow of the bodymind complex.

Healing sessions times are different for each person, depending on how much the body is willing to respond and how much needs to be addressed in that specific session. Typically my clients experience results after the first session. Although, oftentimes, we are healing layers at a time, as we are like onions, needing to peel away and balance different layers of traumas and imbalances that have been stuck deep into our physical bodies. Sessions can be conducted at a distance as well as in person. They are both as equally powerful as we are all connected!

There are miraculous changes that can occur when you decide to love yourself and dive into the depths of who you really are meant to be by releasing what no longer serves you! Healing Sessions can help you get to the place of authenticity much quicker when you take the leap and dive right in! I will gently guide you and help you along the way. 

Contact Valerie today if you have further questions about my healing sessions. 

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