Calm Sea


Sessions conducted from a distance...

If you are not able to be present for an in-person session, there are distant sessions available. A distant session can have just as powerful of an impact as an in-person session as they are still working with the bodymind complex through an energetic conscious connection. Oftentimes they have less interruptions and disruptions with the physical world and can have a more profound impact. 

Distant sessions work well for those of you that do not reside in the Sarasota, Florida area, if you are traveling, sick at home, experiencing a challenging time and cannot make it to an appointment, or if you have a child that needs a session that is unable to be present. 

These sessions can be conducted via video chat, telephone, or with a conscious connection. The session can be scheduled during a time you are able to fully receive or it can be done while you are at work! You can receive energy healing at any time, which is an incredible attribute to energy work. You will get a full explanation in a typed email form for your records from each session conducted after its completion. 

Feel free to contact me if you have more questions about receiving a distant session.